Make Your Home and Business always greener

  • Tree & Hedge Trimming

    According to our expertise or your specifications.

  • Tree Removal

    Large or small -- commercial or residential.

  • Stump Grinding

    For large tree removal, we reduce the stump to below ground level.

  • Brush Chipping

    We can create chips from our trimmings and haul them away or spread them on your property.

  • Firewood Available

  • Brush Clearing and Chopping

    I have the equipment required to take care of your large brush chipping or chopping of all your property/land needs. Including orchard trimmings and removal.

  • Fruit Tree Care

    We are fruit tree specialists who can maintain the health of your fruit-bearing trees and maximize the production of fruit.

  • Tree Planting

    Over the last 30 years, Darren has planted nearly 10,000 trees - citrus, avocados, walnuts, olives, pomegranate, palm trees, pine trees, eucalyptus, and many other varieties of trees in our local area. 

By the way, my favorite hobby is making wooden bowls. If you love bowls as I do, please ask me about making a special bowl from your tree. Check out my work in our gallery.